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01-Jun-2017 13:21

Like many pleasurable things in life, online dating can prove addictive.

Some individuals who begin online dating casually find that they enjoy the attention so much that they dedicate an excessive amount of time to the practice.

What if you could swipe stress-free, knowing that we help to eliminate these offenders? Our algorithm analyzes each user and assigns them a letter grade, ranging from A to F, based on profile, messaging and peer review. The Grade aims to create a female-friendly dating environment by holding users accountable for their behavior on the app.

Imagine a world where you would know how responsive someone is before you message them. The My Grade page offers tips on how to improve your grade. By eliminating low-quality, hostile and inappropriate users, The Grade focuses on quality over quantity and maintains a network of articulate, desirable and responsive users. Cliff is the founder of SNAP Interactive, one of the only publicly traded companies in the online dating space, and President of The Grade, SNAP’s unique new dating app that holds users accountable for their behavior.

An ABC News report described unsavory individuals looking for financial gain who take advantage of lovelorn women online.

This source recounted on a specific event in which a woman was promised love in return for sending her cyber-suitor the money to come see her in America.

Using this as a departure point, The Grade was born, a unique dating app that holds users accountable for their behavior.

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Few women venture into the world of online dating hoping to land a man that is already married, but all too often this can happen.Ask the man an assortment of questions, and re-ask them periodically.If his answers change- take a virtual walk and don’t look back.If you’re considering diving into the pool of online dating, consider what you want and keep that goal in mind as you move through the dating process.

If you have begun online dating and want to meet one of your partners "IRL," make sure to meet at a public place!Marie Claire reported on this phenomenon, exploring the online dating practices of a self-professed online dating addict who continued to check her profile and communicate with her digital beaus even after she had landed a real-life lover because she couldn’t bear to give up the thrill of the chase.