22-Jun-2017 07:36

Love that rejoices in truth, bears, believes and endures all things and does not seek its own interests. Yes, love is emotion; it is feeling; it is the passion that attracts you to one another.

But to be enduring, love must involve the mind as much as it does the heart.

I can speak to you about the meaning and importance of a sacramental marriage not just because it is something that the Church teaches.

My wife Kathy and I were also married first in a civil ceremony, and it was not until many years later that we sought convalidation of our marriage.

By nature, he needs to be with someone – the woman with whom he will spend his entire life.

Today’s Gospel echoes that message: “God made them male and female,” Jesus teaches in the Gospel of Mark.

It has been said that marriage is sustained by love.

Eric and Alissa, I pray that you will enjoy this beautiful day.When the blush is off the rose, when the chemistry that first attracted you to each other falls victim to the everyday demands of life, that’s when true love begins to evolve.That’s when you most understand love less as a feeling and more as a choice – as the profound, enduring commitment that the two of you will soon make to each other in the presence of God.“I will make a suitable partner for him.” And God creates the first woman.

We learn from the Book of Genesis that man is created as a social being.

So I believe it is really important today to consider the meaning of love and marriage as they have been revealed in Sacred Scripture.