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As a result of its bustling pearl industry, JAH became an international hub during the 19th century, welcoming merchants and prominent citizens from as far away as Iran and Africa, as well as pearl merchants from the Abu Shamis tribe, boat crews and labour from the Shihuh and Habus peoples, and grazing land for the Bedu groups of the Al Khawatir.Villages such as Jazirat Al Hamra were the primary global producers of pearls up until the early 1930s, when the Japanese invention of the cultured pearl — a pearl created by manually placing a shell bead inside an oyster — combined with a global economic depression, killed the industry.Efforts are now under way to turn JAH into a major cultural and historic site, with the village currently under construction and expected to eventually house new hotels and attractions.

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The village contains 334 historic buildings, including 18 shops, 11 mosques and two schools, much of which stands today as a living memory of the emirate’s deep cultural and historic roots.

“Although most of the housing infrastructure has deteriorated over time, many are still standing.