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They gave it a casual approach, pointing out its importance without making a big deal out of it.

Honestly probably one of my favorite dramas which may sound weird but the chemistry was amazing.

I am not a teenager anymore but I was able to relate and reminisce my teenage years because of this drama. Hope see more of their kdrama soonest coz I can't get over of WLFKBJ. Seriously why is everyone such a bro/bae in this show?

I know we all have our opinions and I respect people who hated the drama but I hope they won't hate just because a lot of people loved it. I really loved their light and fluffy chemistry, the slight twist of sport made it a really great drama, I watched it till end and am glad that i did. Watch this drama a lot of times and fall in love with them over and over again... Watch other dramas of Lee Sung Kyung, great actress for a newbie... Awesome girl I love kim bok joo and jung joon hyung's chemistry. Jung joon Hyung is so handsome, funny and so caring. I would seriously just watch another 100 more episodes just following the lives of these characters, they are all too likable.

She has a bright personality and strong sense of justice.

Kim Bok-Joo and her friends on the female weightlifting team are not popular with the guys and they don't have boyfriends.

\(^o^)/ This is a romantic comedy so story-wise, don't expect anything profound.The weightlifting team and the rhythmic gymnastic team also don't get along at all.Meanwhile, Jung Joon-Hyung (Nam Joo-Hyuk) is a collegiate swimmer plagued with numerous false start disqualifications. His uncle and aunt raised him along with his cousin Jung Jae-Yi (Lee Jae-Yoon).I've watched more than 50 Korean dramas and with all honesty, the story of this drama may not be the best but it is one of the most memorable because of its simplicity and of course, the leads' superb chemistry. Cliche for some, but admit it, it depicts reality to many. Even if the plot is simple, again, it is just flawlessly executed with no ridiculous or makjang moments, bad pacing or unanswered questions.

It is very relatable for a lot of people, such as having a crush, going through puberty stage, or finding your first love. And do watch it for the amazing leads and their relations with the supporting cast.It took awhile before I started watching another drama because I still can't over this even up to now. I loved her cuteness as Kim Bok Joo and decided to watch all the series she was in and guess what I've become a big fan! A feat that some dramas could not barely achieve even if they have pulled out all the stops and used up all their hype generating gimmicks. Bok joo character is so cute funny and i love everything about her..young is love❤❤ hahaha he is really the sweetest bf ever.caring and sweet.. I dont know whether she in real life or the character annoys me. The plot doesn't exactly push any boundaries but it is so well executed and grounded on reality.