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04-Jul-2017 08:23

Therefore, direct sampling techniques with high spatial resolution are required, in order to study these tiny zones individually, without damaging the textures and zonations.

u thhe dating of phosphates apatite monazite and xenotime-72

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Solid-state diffusion is the net movement of atoms in solid phase, from region of higher concentration to that of lower concentration.In monazite, the age resetting is caused by the loss of Pb.Pb is produced continuously by the decays of U and Th since the radioactive system (clock) starts running.However, as the mineral cools and the crystal structure becomes more complete, the diffusions of parent and daughter isotopes slows down and finally become insignificant at a certain temperature.

Monazite is characterised for its high Pb retention ability even at high temperatures for a prolonged period.In most of the cases, Pb is transported from the mineral to the fluid, resulting in Pb loss and thus age resetting.

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